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Product Innovation

How to innovate? How to find the killer feature? Through Design Thinking, Human-Centred Design, Google Design Sprint? None of them? How to find the right Product Market Fit ? User Research, Guerilla Research ?

Product Team

How should be organized the Product Team, under the CMO, CTO, CEO, CPO ? The UX Team should be part of the Product Team ? What about a dedicated Squad ? Only for one Product ? What about the Hierarchy, Roles and Responsibilities ?

User Research

Every Project should start with a Discovery Phase well prepared. How to be sure to select the right audience for the Qualitative Research ? How to perform each interview without any biais ? How many people for the Quantitative Research ? In Vivo or In Labo ?

Prototyping and POC

Prototyping could be a paper prototype, a fake web site or a complex hardware prototype with multiple arduino/rpy cards. Whatever the complexity, the prototype is a crucial step for having the right Product.

Product Expertise & Coaching

It could be difficult to manage a Product Team or be the Coach of multiple Product Managers. Sometimes the Coach needs a Coach. A simple chat with someone who had be through what you're going through can make the difference.

All in Inclusive : ProduXt

An innovative way to have a multidisciplinary team (Entrepreneur, Designer, Engineer or Developer) to work on your Project and get the right Product with the best eXperience.